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Are there any danger involved?

Our approaches are both safe and battle-tested. They have been doing admirably since 2021 and will continue to do so. However, we regularly analyze our campaigns and adjust as needed!

Our clients have had no bad consequences from our service, and we execute Youtube SEO, which is done by many internet.

Is it necessary for me to share account access?

No! We don’t require any access.

Do you accept campaign for non-English videos?

Yes, we do!

How can you help me get more views?

Our service focuses on ranking your videos on YouTube according to specific keywords (consisting of two words or more). We have invested significant time and effort in researching and developing effective techniques to enhance the visibility of your YouTube videos in search results, particularly for keywords with low to medium competition.

It’s important to note that while achieving a higher ranking increases the likelihood of more people watching your videos, we cannot guarantee specific outcomes such as views, clicks, or conversions. Our primary commitment is to assist you in achieving top rankings on YouTube, which in turn can potentially attract a larger audience and generate more views on the platform.

How does YTRanker rank videos?

After conducting thorough research and gaining substantial experience, we have discovered reliable strategies for successfully optimizing videos on keywords with medium to low competition in a safe manner.

Although we are unable to disclose the specific techniques employed, we can describe it as catering to the preferences of the YouTube algorithm. By reverse engineering the YouTube platform, we have acquired insights into the factors that contribute to video rankings on YouTube

What happens after my campaign has ended?

Once your campaign has concluded, you have the option to either renew it by placing a new order or utilize the remaining balance if you have purchased a 5-10 video package. If you choose not to renew, it is important to note that rankings may begin to decline approximately 2 to 10 days after the campaign ends.

Who are you?

We are YTRanker, The only service that helps you to rank your Youtube viudeo on top of Youtube search. We are dedicated to providing you the best service, with a focus on depenndability, fast customer service, and the ability to rank your video on top! We are working to turn our passion for Youtube videos into a booming service.


How do I get the keyword search volume?

Go to this website –  Free YouTube Keyword Tool and input your keyword. Keywords can be of any language.

How do I order?

We can use keywords with a search volume of up to 60k to boost any video, depending on the paid campaign package you select. Using H-supertools, you can determine the keywords’ search volume.

In addition, make certain that your video appears in the top 100 YouTube search results. On the off chance that it’s not positioning by any means, it is absolutely impossible that we can work on this positioning also.

Feel free to get in touch with us via Telegram or Whatsapp if you have keywords that you want to rank above 60K or difficulty hard or very hard

Are there any niches that you are unable to rank?

Please note that certain niches, such as gambling, slots, music, pokemon may be more difficult to rank, and we recommennd that you contact us through Telegram or “Contact Us” page before placing an order

What do I need to ensure about my video before placing an order?

Before placing an order, please ensure that the kewyrod (2 words and above) you want to rank is visible in both the title of the video and the videos tags.

Please ensure that if the video is old and not new, it appears somewhere in the Youtube search results for this specfic keyword.
Please make sure that your video has a duration of at least 3 minutes and a maxmium of 20 minutes. For more or less duration – please contact us

What types of videos can you rank?

We only rank original videos. Duplicate videos that already exist on Youtube will not be ranked.

If I order more, will there be a discount?

Yes, you have package of 1/5/10 videos

My preferred keyword has a search volume higher than your available package - What do I do?

While we are open to working with keywords that have a search volume higher than our standard package limit of 60k, it’s important to note that we cannot guarantee the success of such campaigns. If you are interested in targeting keywords with higher search volumes, please reach out to us to discuss a custom pricing plan tailored to your specific requirements.

Do you offer a ranking guarantee?

Our YouTube ranking service stands out from the rest, as we provide a unique guarantee of achieving top rankings. In the rare event that we are unable to deliver on this promise, you are entitled to a full refund of your payment. 

What is the level of competion for my keyword?

To determine the level of competition for your keyword, simply enter it on the provided website.

Pay close attention to the ‘Competition’ column, which will indicate whether it is classified as ‘low’, ‘medium’, or ‘high’.

If you are interested in ranking a medium or high competition keyword, please contact us before placing an order, as not all keywords can be ranked. It is crucial to consult with us beforehand to ensure feasibility.

How much time I have to use the 5-10 videos package?

Upon placing your order, you have a timeframe of up to 3 months to utilize the service.


Can I pause my campaign?

Currently, we do not provide the ability to pause a campaign. However, we are actively exploring the possibility of incorporating this feature in a future update. In the meantime, we strongly advise you to ensure that your video complies with the Google Terms of Service to avoid any issues or violations.

How often can I update campaign details?

You can change your campaign details at the end of your campaign. So each new month, you can boost a different product and / or keyword(s). Simply insert a new order.


Which payment methods you accept?

Paypal, Stripe and cryptocurrency

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